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Connections for Quality

Service Quality Indicators

Connections for Quality provides information about the services offered by jobactive providers and Disability Employment Services (DES) providers.  This information is available to help you make an informed choice of provider and is designed for your individual needs.

Our Job Seekers

Y.E.S specialise with people who are Deaf, HOH and hearing impaired to gain valued and long term employment, taking particular consideration to client choice, skills and abilities.

Y.E.S staff are fluent Auslan users, NAATI qualified and have years of experience, We have  Deaf staff providing peer mentoring. All support is culturally and linguistically sensitive.

Y.E.S assist with;

  • Finding the best job and career option for clients
  • Assisting in finding and achieving certificates in Vocational education, mentoring, Career Counselling and resume writing
  • Interpreting for interviews, study, or any employment situation, with ongoing support.
  • Language, cultural support and Advocacy
  • Work place assessments, OHSW training support
  • Referral to relevant agencies in other areas that affect ability to work e.g homelessness, psychological barriers

Y.E.S are also able to meet you in a mutually agreed place that is more convenient for you. Y.E.S provide an individual program for each client, depending on what your needs are, in a culturally sensitive way.

Our Employers

SA Group Enterprises has small business enterprises with over 30 years of experience. We understand businesses. We are members of: Business SA and various other Industry Associations.

Testimonials from employers who employed 2 clients at Y.E.S:

“We feel good having taken on someone who is Deaf, she is an eager employee, and we have had no problems in communication, via sms or face to face. She is great and enjoying her work and all of our clients are happy and continue to request her support. She has increased our repeat business”. (Ada)

“Our company decided to employ him with the hope that we could enrich his life and try to do something for a person with a disability. We think his life has improved as we had hoped but an extra bonus has been that everyone that has worked and been in contact with him feels their own life has been enriched and enhanced because of him. We would certainly recommend anybody hiring a hearing impaired person because like us you would find it a win/win experience.” (Peter)

Our Networks

Y.E.S are members of National Employment Services Australia, Disability Employment Australia, National Disability Australia, Business SA, Disability Services South Australia, and Deaf Australia, and sponsor Deaf Sports Recreation South Australia and Deaf Professionals Network, ASLIA.

Members of Business Chicks Network, Business Enterprises Centres, various employer networks and have professional relationships with several RTO’s.

Y.E.S has links to a GP who uses Auslan, and local programs which assist in developing successful career options. Interpreting support is provided if unable to obtain from other sources.

Y.E.S have a partnership with Australian Hearing, Thebarton Senior School, and work closely with TAFE SA across Adelaide area, Deaf Cando, Deaf programs at TAFE in Adelaide city, and all schools that work with students who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing impaired.

Y.E.S have a visiting Psychologist who knows Auslan and has many years experience in vocational rehab and is happy to see any clients of Y.E.S free of charge using the GP mental health plan referral. Any one with a hearing impairment is able to access this service by contacting Y.E.S, (a small fee applies for non-clients of YES.)

Our Performance

YES is a highly rated service, being the longest standing specialist DES provider for people who are Deaf, Hard of hearing and hearing impaired in South Australia.

How do we do this?

Y.E.S continues to place people into jobs and careers of their choice, assisting with any training that is needed to achieve this. Y.E.S has specialist job search consultants who have an extensive data base of potential employers, and aim to identify the best match for you and your career choice. Y.E.S actively seek out to identify new employers that match individual client career aspirations.

Y.E.S has a strong and respected reputation within the Deaf community, and broader Adelaide community. Y.E.S has strong connections within the Deaf community, services, schools and agencies throughout Adelaide.

Y.E.S’s success speaks for itself and is seen as an advocacy agency for their clients and Deaf, Hard of hearing and hearing impaired people within the employment sector, and socially, legally, politically and culturally. Y.E.S has Disability Services Standards Accreditation.

Y.E.S continues to look at ways to improve and welcomes any suggestion from it’s stakeholders.

About us

Y.E.S provide personalised and tailored support to people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing impaired across Adelaide, to assist in preparing and obtaining valued work.

Your Employment Success (Y.E.S) is a specialist employment services provider. Y.E.S is a division of SA Group Enterprises Inc. providing supported employment to people with disability for over 30 years, and winners of the Australian Disability Enterprises Excellent Awards for 2 years running.

Y.E.S has been operating since 2003. Y.E.S are also able to assist Deaf, Hard of Hearing or people who have a hearing impairment having problems at work through the Job Assist program. Y.E.S targets employment opportunities that provide the best career choices for individuals ensuring a successful placement.

Y.E.S have a mobile service so are flexible to meet clients at a place that is convenient to them.

Y.E.S staff are fluent NAATI qualified Auslan users and are able to interpret in any employment situation. We also have staff that are fluent in British Sign Language and Deaf/Blind sign language.

Y.E.S arrange work place modifications through Job Access, if required (e.g Flashing emergency alarms in the work place).

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