Job Plans

What is a Job Plan?

A Job Plan is an individual and tailored agreement between the job seeker and the service provider that considers the Participant’s employment goals and records activities the participant will undertake to gain sustainable employment.

The Job Plan is an important document that shows Job Seekers what support they will receive and what their obligations are to receive Income Support Payments. It also includes any activities or services the Job Seeker has agreed to do, or wants to do, that are voluntary.

Job Plans must be current and all times and reviewed regularly, and must be updated if:

  • the Job Seeker's personal circumstances change

  • the Job Seeker's level of mutual obligation requirements change, or

  • the details of a requirement in the Job Plan changes (e.g.: an activity has ended)

Job Seekers can agree to their Job Plan in person during their appointments with their Employment Consultant, or online via the jobactive website or Job Seeker App.

Why do I need one?

All participants and Your Employment Success clients must have a current Job Plan in place at all times.

Participants with Mutual Obligations (Job Seekers receiving income support payments from Centrelink - including NewStart Allowance, Youth Allowance, DSP/Disability Support Pension if they are under the age of 35 with compulsory participation requirements) must enter into a Job Plan to receive payments.

Participants without Mutual Obligation requirements (voluntary participants) must still agree to enter into a Job Plan with their provider to participate in their services.

What happens if I don't stick to my Job Plan? (Compliance)

From July 1st, there are new changes in the Targeted Compliance Framework that will result in financial penalties for Participants who do not comply with requirements. This includes Job Seekers who do not agree to enter into a Job Plan, or who do not agree to and sign a Job Plan within the set time frame. More information on the Compliance Framework page.

What if something changes and I need to change my Job Plan?

If a Job Seekers circumstances change (e.g.: activity has ended, loss or gain of employment, participant has entered into study, etc.) they must notify their provider immediately so their Job Plan can be reviewed and updated accordingly.